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. The recruiter then gets to start recruiting in a pool of candidates who are interested and initially qualified. Recruiters can also leverage LeoForce’s Job Booster. With LeoForce Job Booster, you can create a job posting from email and post it to job boards and your company’s website in one click. This will allow you to not only source positions, but also build your brand. In addition, recruiters can utilize the social recruiting feature. LeoForce Social Recruiting lets you post jobs in one-click to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, significantly extending your ability to find talent and generate awareness. With sourcing being around 60% of a recruiter’s time, this gives them more time to spend on other positions, focus on quality engagement and significantly boost their ability to multiply hires. This means a firm or agency can increase spread, revenue and market share by closing positions quicker than their competition. And if a recruiter leaves, no worries, ARYA retains those best practices which will automatically be used for newer recruiters to accelerate ramp time and revenue potential. This drastically reduces the loss of a company’s intellectual property and significantly increases a company’s knowledge retention.


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